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Belcourt - Nashville's Nonprofit Cinema

Discover Card Issue


(Sept 7, 2017)

If you're one of our patrons who used a Discover card in May-August for a Belcourt purchase(s), we want to make you aware of an issue we've recently learned about regarding Discover card processing during that period.

In May-August 2017, Banccard, our credit card transaction company, experienced a major glitch nationwide with Discover card transactions. Transactions were initially authorized, but never charged to cardholders. Thanks to a Belcourt patron who contacted us, we were able to track down the issue and resolve it with Banccard.

Here’s what happens next. Effective immediately, all Belcourt-related Discover transactions from May-August will be re-run. All of these were transactions that were temporarily authorized, but never actually charged to your account. Your Belcourt purchase(s) during that period will appear on your Discover card statement with a September date.  

We are so sorry for this inconvenience. Please accept our deepest apologies. 

Below, we have attached a letter from Stephen Mullins, a Banccard senior account representative here in Nashville, about the issue. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or you can reach Mr. Mullins directly at 615-352-6956 x135 or

Again, our apologies. We value your support of the Belcourt and hope we’ll see you again soon at the movies!

Read the letter from Banccard senior account representative, Stephen Mullins.


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