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Student Events

The Belcourt's Education and Engagement Program includes ongoing events for students that provide young people with opportunities to see, learn about and discuss quality film content.

Strong Leads: A Belcourt Film Seminar for High School Girls

Strong Leads: A Film Seminar for High School Girls is a six-week after-school seminar spotlighting films about or made by women. A presentation of the Belcourt’s Education and Engagement Program with support from the Stackpole-Hall Foundation Youth Advisory Board, Strong Leads will explore gender representation in cinema, in the Hollywood establishment, and in film discourse.

We’ll feature six films from a variety of genres and cultures and follow with informal discussions, facilitated by Belcourt Education and Engagement Director Allison Inman and film student, photographer, and filmmaker Daisy Stackpole. The seminar will be held in the Belcourt’s Manzler/Webb Screening Room. Tue, Sep 20–Oct 25, 3:30-6:30pm.

Participation in the six-week seminar is by application only, as space is limited. It is offered at no cost to participants, but you must apply and be selected to attend. The seminar is designed for students only and is meant to be taken in its entirety (no à la carte sessions). Application deadline is Wed, Sep 7. Participants will be notified on Fri, Sep 9.

Tue, Sep 20 | PRINCESS MONONOKE (Dir. Hayao Miyazaki, Japan, 1997, 134 min, PG-13)

From Studio Ghibli’s champion of the female lead, Hayao Miyazaki, Princess Mononoke is the story of a prince who encounters a powerful and ethereal Goddess. The prince is forced to choose between his Earthly life and that of the otherworldly in this epic animated fantasy set in medieval Japan.  

Tue, Sep 27 | A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT (Dir. Ana Lily Amirpour, USA, 2014, 101 min, NR)

In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they’re being stalked by a lonesome, skateboarding vampire (Sheila Vand) who preys on men who disrespect women. Lily Ana Amirpour’s debut feature is the first Iranian Vampire Western ever made. 

Tue, Oct 4 | GIRLHOOD (Dir. Celine Sciamma, France, 2014, 113 min, NR)

A French-African girl, Marieme (Karidja Touré), seeks acceptance and support from a Parisian girl-gang. Celine Sciamma’s film discusses and challenges conceptions of race, gender and class; her goal was to capture the stories of black teenagers, characters she claims are underdeveloped in French films.

Tue, Oct 11 | MOSQUITA Y MARI (Dir. Aurora Guerrero, USA, 2014, 86 min, NR)

In Aurora Guerrero’s debut feature focuses on two Chicana high schoolers, Mari (Venecia Troncoso) and Yolanda (Fenessa Pineda). Lost in their private world of unspoken affection, lingering gazes, and heart-felt confessions of uncertain futures, Yolanda's grades slip while Mari's focus drifts from her duties at a new job. Mounting pressures at home collide with their new-found connection, forcing them to choose between their obligations to others and staying true to themselves.  

Tue, Oct 18 | WE ARE THE BEST! (Dir. Lukas Moodysson, Sweden, 2013, 102 min, NR)

Pixieish, mohawk-sporting Klara (Mira Grosin) and her best friend Bobo (Mira Barkhammar) are 13-year-old rebels looking for a cause. Despite having no instruments—or discernible musical talent—the two put all their energy into forming an all-girl punk band, recruiting their shy, classical guitar-playing schoolmate Hedvig (Liv LeMoyne) as the third wheel. Based on the graphic novel by Coco Moodysson and directed by Lucas Moodysson.

Tue, Oct 25 | DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN (Dir. Susan Seidelman, USA, 1985, 104 min, PG-13)

Through fate and newspaper personal ads, a complacent housewife and a free-spirited drifter get involved in a web of mistaken identity, felony, and amnesia in New York City. Susan Seidelman’s quintessential 80s feminist film features Rosanna Arquette, Madonna, and killer style that informed a generation.


Note: This series features high-quality films designed to spark conversation about important issues. Because of that, some films contain adult situations, profanity, drug/alcohol use, brief nudity, sexual situations, and violence.

High School Film Club

The Belcourt High School Film Club is a great opportunity for students to watch movies together and discuss them with other film lovers their age. You don’t have to be a seasoned cinephile to participate! We all approach cinema from different places, and all points of view are welcome.  

Starting Saturday, Sept 10, 2016, the High School Film Club meets for a public screening of a Saturday matinee twice a month for a new release or repertory film. We follow with an informal discussion over snacks in the Belcourt’s Jackson Education and Engagement Space or elsewhere in Hillsboro Village.

The Belcourt High School Film Club includes one free movie ticket and snacks for current high school students. Walk-ups are welcome, subject to ticket availability, but RSVPs are greatly appreciated (RSVP at

Movie title, date and showtime about the coming week’s event is announced via email on the Monday before. A note about film rating and content will be included.

Come down, bring friends, and be part of the conversation! 

Register here for High School Film Club notifications and updates about other Belcourt events.

Note: The Belcourt High School Film Club is for students only.

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