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Part of Music City Mondays.

Original Audio Version: From the initial 1968 theatrical release, supervised by Christopher Nolan for this 50th Anniversary 2018 special edition re-release.

Fresh off a limited release in 70mm, timed to its 50th anniversary and with a restoration overseen by Christopher Nolan, the one science-fiction film to rule them all returns in a new 4K DCP restoration. A black monolith, present since the dawn of man, is discovered beneath the surface of the moon. When the source of the object is determined to be Jupiter, an expedition is launched to explain its mysterious origins. Dave (Keir Dullea) and crew must face off against the next stage in human evolution in the form of the ship’s sinister AI system, a sabotaging super-intelligent HAL 9000 computer, as they travel to Jupiter and beyond the infinite.

2001’s placement in our ongoing Music City Mondays series is probably self-explanatory. Kubrick told an aide, “Get this much money and buy all the classical music you can find downtown.” With that, Ligeti and Strauss—both the elder and the younger—would never be heard the same way again.

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