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Belcourt - Nashville's Nonprofit Cinema

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Part of Midnight Movies: Welcome to 2019.

Neo-Tokyo, 2019. Desolated by an atomic blast which set off World War III, a dystopian Neo-Tokyo rises from the ashes, a wasteland plagued by violence, gangs and revolution. Kaneda and his young gang of bikers must fight to save their friend Tetsuo from a secret government laboratory where he is slowly being turned into the next weapon of mass destruction. A cult sensation which brought Japanese anime into the mainstream, AKIRA (based on a manga of the same name) is an outstanding example of post-Hiroshima nuclear angst—portraying a darkly fantastic, disturbing vision of a future (or in this case, 2019!) where humanity’s fascination with its own destruction through newer bigger weapons reigns supreme.

Screening in conjunction with Ridley Scott’s powerhouse 2019-set, neo-noir Philip K. Dick adaptation, BLADE RUNNER: The Final Cut.

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