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    Dir. Vincente Minelli, USA, 1951, 113 min., NR, Archival 35mm Print

    Once a struggling painter, opportunistic American artist Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly) now lives in the City of Light, enjoying the patronage of a well-heeled, amorous American gallery owner (Nina Foch)—but swiftly falling for a willowy French street urchin (Leslie Caron). Trouble is, the object of Mulligan's affection also happens to be engaged to a famous French singer (Georges Guétary). Songs and music include I Got Rhythm, I'll Build A Stairway to Paradise and Our Love is Here to Stay. The climax of the film is The American in Paris ballet, a 17 1/2-minute dance set to Gershwin's titular piece, featuring Kelly (who directed it) and Caron.

    This series would not be possible without the generous support of Nina and H.G. Webb.