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  • Sat, October 27 at 5:15 pm


    Dir. Mario Bava, Italy, 1971, 84 min., R, 35mm, Part of 12 Hours Of Terror

    Know where you are? You’re in the grindhouse, baby—and for the duration of this super-stylish shocker, you’re getting the top shelf in cinematic rotgut down to the alternate credits and an awesome beat-to-hell print! Pretend it’s 1972 on The Deuce and you’re among the bug-eyed faithful catching one of the most notorious splat-sterpieces of all time: the great Mario Bava’s delirious attempt to see how many bizarre, imaginative, you’ve-never-seen-that-before kills one movie can crowd into 84 minutes! No wonder this was the direct inspiration for FRIDAY THE 13TH and the whole slasher genre. And just when you think you’ve seen it all—prepare for the mother of all WTF endings!