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    Dir. Jay Bulger, USA/South Africa, 2012, 100 min., NR, HD
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    This no-holds-barred, sad, and hilarious portrait of Cream's legendary scarlet-maned, hell-raising drummer lets him tell his own story—intercut with footage of his continent-hopping life, from London to L.A., Nigeria, Italy, South Africa, and (way) beyond. Baker may have broken the mold musically, but his violent, dyspeptic mood swings, fueled by a multi-decade heroin addiction, went a long way to making him persona non grata even among the music greats who still revere his work. Eric Clapton, Johnny Rotten, Charlie Watts, Lars Ulrich, Baker's four wives, and three grown children all have something to say about him: "He's a force of nature," "he's the greatest drummer any of us had ever heard," "he's mad," and "he's fairly consistently horrible," are just a few of their comments.

    “When a documentary begins with its subject using his crutch to deliver a vicious blow to the director's nose, it's reasonably safe to expect less-than-smooth sailing ahead.” — Joe Leydon, Variety