• Through November 28

    CASTLES IN THE SKY: Miyazaki, Takahata and the Masters of Studio Ghibli

    In collaboration with GKIDS, we’re pleased to present this comprehensive retrospective of films from Japan’s famed Studio Ghibli animation house. Don’t miss your chance to see some of the greatest animated films of all time on new 35mm prints, including such favorites as MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO, CASTLE IN THE SKY, and SPIRITED AWAY, as well as rare films like ONLY YESTERDAY and THE OCEAN WAVES. Many of the films will be presented in both subtitled and English dubbed versions.

    Two discounted ticket packages are available for CASTLES IN THE SKY.
    Full Pass: $80 Belcourt members / $100 non-members. Includes 1 ticket for each film.
    5-Pack: $25 Belcourt members / $32.50 non-members. Includes 5 tickets for 5 films selected by the patron.

    Pick up your pass or 5-pack during box office hours starting May 25.

    (For Studio Ghibli fans interested in seeing both the dubbed and subtitled version of a film, please note that your Full Pass includes only one version of each film. For 5-pack purchasers, each version is counted as a separate film.)

    Programmer’s Notes:
    – For nearly all showtimes after 6pm, the film will be shown in Japanese with English subtitles.
    – Morning and afternoon screenings will be screened in the English language version.
    – For the most part, screenings will be shown without trailers. Plan on arriving early.
    – Download the full pdf schedule here.