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    Dir. Molly Bernstein, USA, 2013, 88 min., NR, DCP
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    Part of Doctober.

    Ricky Jay is a world-renowned magician, author, historian and actor (often a mischievous presence in the films of David Mamet and Paul Thomas Anderson)—and a performer who regularly provokes astonishment from even the most jaded audiences. DECEPTIVE PRACTICE traces Jay's achievements and influences, from his apprenticeship at age four with his grandfather, to such now-forgotten legends as Al Flosso, Slydini, Cardini and his primary mentors, Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller. Featuring rare footage from his 1970s TV appearances (doing Three-Card Monte with Steve Martin on “The Dinah Shore Show”) and told in Jay's inimitable voice, this is a remarkable journey inside the secretive world of magic and the small circle of eccentrics who are its perpetual devotees.

    “Jay's own personality and intellect steer the film, and he's such a finely honed performer that he easily carries it off...What we get here, simply, is time spent with Ricky Jay, and that's time well spent.” —Walter V. Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle
    “Offers us a peek into a fervent force of creativity—as with many great artists, it's one of which we have limited understanding though all the more appreciation.” – Matthew Sorrento, Film International