• Sat, October 27 at 8:45 pm


    Dir. Lamberto Bava, Italy, 1985, 88 min., Unrated, 35mm, Part of 12 Hours Of Terror

    The family that slays together, stays together — and in this marvel of unrelenting splatter, a surefire candidate for the most over-the-top gorefest ever made, Lamberto Bava does his old man Mario proud! The Metropol is a grand old movie house, one of Berlin's most exquisite theatres. And tonight, their reopening has some very special programming scheduled: avant-garde art, new fixtures — and an unholy curse bent on tearing its way through screen and flesh alike! Punk rockers, swordplay, a kissing kill, heaps of goo, 80s everything, and all the fountains of blood, guts and spew you could hope for—no, no, it’s the least we could do.

    “Just when we think we know what the word 'gore' means, someone comes along and says, 'I bet you never saw somebody do this on the screen,' and so we got, once again, the most disgusting movie in the history of movies. Automatic four stars.” —Joe Bob Briggs