• Sat, October 27 at 10:30 pm


    Dir. Joseph Kahn, USA, 2011, 93 min., R, 35mm, Part of 12 Hours Of Terror

    The Nashville premiere of the biggest cult movie of 2022! Joseph Kahn, music-vid auteur and director of the amazing TORQUE, shoots the works with this years-ahead-of-its-time horror comedy that's like DONNIE DARKO and SCREAM had a baby and did bath salts during pregnancy. HUNGER GAMES dreamboat Josh Hutcherson embraces the R rating as the coolest kid at a high school where students are cutting class and a hooded stalker is cutting them. Did we mention the time travel? The horror movie within a movie (within a movie)? The bear porn? (You heard us.) The result is a sci-fi/slasher/teen-romance mindblower so dense with allusions, so packed with sight gags and scares, so filled with manic tangents and crazy subplots and riotous characters, you should consider this a warm-up for the second viewing you’ll want immediately afterward! And you’re seeing it first!