• Sat, Oct. 26 at 10:00 pm

    Double Feature: EVILSPEAK with THE CRAFT

    EVILSPEAK: Dir. Eric Weston, USA, 1981, 89 min., R, Digital,
    THE CRAFT: Dir. Andrew Fleming, USA, 1996, 101min, R, 35mm

    Part of Midnight Movies. EVILSPEAK starts at 10:00pm, THE CRAFT follows at Midnight.

    Relentlessly bullied by fellow cadets and teachers at a remote military school, Stanley Coopersmith (Clint Howard) happens upon the diary of Spanish Satanic cult leader Father Esteban (Richard Moll). With some clever computer programming (really), Coopersmith soon summons the spirit of Esteban who possesses the geeky cadet. Then, flanked by evil pigs and wielding a flaming sword, Esteban delivers the kind of fervent vengeance one might expect from a demonic priest executed for crimes against God. View Trailer

    Four young women, ground down by the gears of high school, do some exploring into the world of witchcraft. What they find seems to be the answer to all their problems. But power corrupts, and soon what was forged in friendship is rent asunder by forces magickal and personal. With Fairuza Balk and Neve Campbell. View Trailer