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All tickets for both screenings of STOP MAKING SENSE on Fri, Sep 18 are now SOLD OUT.

Tickets are $25/vehicle for Belcourt members and $30/vehicle for non-members.

If you’re not currently a Belcourt member, purchase a membership before tickets go on sale, and you’ll have membership access.

Shot over three concert performances in Los Angeles in Dec 1983, director Jonathan Demme's creative genius and the Talking Heads' explosive energy throughout this 16-song performance make this film an exhilarating and exciting event. Great music, the big's a classic.

“In some ways it’s the perfect expression of Demme’s career-long fascination with the building of communities and with performing troupes as families (and vice versa). The director’s love of people and performers radiates from the film, and he caught the band at its joyous peak, from frontman David Byrne’s mesmerizing solo entrance to ‘Psycho Killer’ to his big-suit romp through ‘Swamp’ to a chill-raising ‘Once in a Lifetime.’” —Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene (2014)

“STOP MAKING SENSE owes very little to the rock film-making formulas of the past. It may well help inspire those of the future.” —Janet Maslin, New York Times (1984)

“...Not one of the countless concerts filmed in the years since ever captured a band's energy quite like Jonathan Demme did in his seminal film.” —Angela Watercutter, Wired

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