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    Dir. Matthew Heineman and Susan Froemke, USA, 2012, 99 min., NR, 35mm
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    Discussion to follow the 7:00 pm screening on Friday, October 5th
    Featuring Dr. Jordan Asher, chief medical officer and chief integration officer for MissionPoint Health Partners; Dr. Roy Elam, medical director for Vanderbilt’s Center for Integrative Health; Bharat Kilaru, and Matt Stier, co-executive directors of Vanderbilt’s Shade Tree Clinic; Bonnie Pilon, Vanderbilt professor of health systems management and senior associate dean of clinical and community partnerships; Brent Parton, director of health policy and programs, SHOUTAmerica.

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    Premiering earlier this year at Sundance and made prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, ESCAPE FIRE interweaves dramatic personal stories with the efforts of leaders battling to transform healthcare at the highest levels of medicine, industry, government, and even the U.S. military. The current battle over cost and access does not ultimately address the root of the problem: we have a disease-care system, not a healthcare system. We spend $300 billion a year on pharmaceutical drugs, almost as much as the rest of the world combined. We pay more, yet our health outcomes are worse. About 65% of Americans are overweight, and almost 75% of healthcare spending goes to preventable diseases that are the major causes of disability and death in our society. The film examines the powerful forces maintaining the status quo—a medical industry designed for quick fixes rather than prevention and for profit-driven care rather than patient-driven care. Destined to be hailed as the definitive film on American healthcare, ESCAPE FIRE offers a way out—a primer on how to save the health of a nation.

    “Like a doctor’s carefully structured analysis of a patient’s condition, the film breaks down its massive subject into manageable, clear, but not simplified parts.” —Robert Koehler, VARIETY