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Part of Midnight Movies: “Cage Match”

Identity theft never looked so good! After a plane crash leaves terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) unresponsive to questions about his plot to set off a bomb in a populated area of Los Angeles, FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) must assume his identity (and his face!) to gain access to Troy's criminal organization and stop the attack. Things hit a bit of a snag when the now faceless Troy awakens in the hospital and conveniently transplants agent Archer's face onto his own, leading to an outstanding, mindbending showdown. Featuring outstandingly weird, unhinged performances from both Cage and Travolta, the over-the-top metaphor-loaded plot that has more in common with the high-drama of a great opera than, say, a Michael Bay film. This criminally underrated big-budget Hollywood thriller from Hong Kong's action maestro, John Woo, distills all the best impulses of its director into one of the greatest shoot-em-up extravaganzas the 90's has to offer.


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