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Attempting to get closure for the multiple traumas he experienced at the hands of masked killer Jason Vorhees, Tommy Jarvis visits the murderer’s grave, and in a final act of exasperation plunges a metal stake into his tormentor’s corpse. Fans of FRANKENSTEIN will be familiar with what happens next when a bolt of lightning strikes the rod, reanimating the vengeful maniac. A new wave of bloodshed washes over the town leaving alcoholic woods-wanderers, rocker RV-ers, and dopey paintball enthusiasts in its wake. The final target of course is the newly renamed Lake Forest Green (née Camp Crystal Lake) and its cache of camp counselors. 

This campy installment was the biggest box office bomb of the series upon its release, but the film’s self-aware sense of humor (see James Bond-inspired title sequence), an attempt to craft more likeable characters (and potential victims) in order to raise the stakes, and McLoughlin’s (ONE DARK NIGHT) playful direction make it one of the series’ most thoroughly enjoyable entries.

“...The key to appreciating JASON LIVES is recognizing that the movie is in on the joke.” —Scott Meslow, GQ

The Belcourt Theatre does not provide advisories about subject matter or potential triggering content, as sensitivities vary from person to person.

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