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Assistive Listening T Hearing Loop

Part of Science on Screen® and Saturday Family Films.

The beloved cast of a Star Trek-esque series reunites years after the finale and is recruited to fight intergalactic invaders by a race of aliens who mistook the show for a documentary. Age Recommendation: 8+

Science on Screen® activities (before and after screening):
Hop in your rocket and enjoy a wild ride, travel at the speed of thought, and get your hands on science with Janet's Planet! Many of you may be familiar with Janet of Janet's Planet from Nashville Public Television! Janet's loves to share the wonders of our solar system and encourage kids to stand in their inherent magnificence via the wide wonderful and weird world of our cosmos! Janet is a newly minted JPL NASA Solar System Ambassador and can't wait to blast off and take your kids on an out of this world adventure!

Before the show come and MAKE YOUR OWN MARTIAN HOVERCRAFT! The air flow created by the balloon causes a cushion of moving air between the disc and the surface. This lifts the CD and reduces the friction which allows the disc to hover freely. Come and make your own! Using just a CD, a balloon, a pop top off a dishwashing bottle and a little bit of air...

After the show come and MAKE YOUR OWN LUNAR LANDER! Create your own spacecraft that could return astronauts to the moon safely and keep them from landing too hard or too deep in lunar regolith! You will use simple materials to make your craft and then we will test them out on the LAUNCHPAD!  Everyone will walk away with their lunar spacecraft and an astronomical feeling of pride!

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