• Encore: May 16-17, 20-22


    Dir. Ishirô Honda, Japan, 1954, 98 min., NR, DCP, In Japanese with English subtitles
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    60th Anniversary Restoration! Deafening footfalls echo in the blackness. An ear-crushing wail. Then a title card rises, proclaiming the arrival of Japan’s doomsday beast. Given Godzilla’s prevailing repute as a campy icon and comic superhero, the original Japanese version of his first film is a revelation, even when viewed at a distance of 60 years. And although hundreds of people contributed to the film’s success, from low-echelon gofers to the special-effects crew, the sure guiding hand of director Ishirô Honda is most evident throughout the picture, conducting something akin to an orchestra of drama and horror storytelling, stark visual style, and ominous sound and music, all of which meshes together and plays out like a grand nightmare—just in time for Hollywood’s latest reboot.

    “THE PRE-EMINENT MOVIE MONSTER OF THE 50’S! Its significance can be glimpsed only in the Japanese version!” —Terrence Rafferty, The New York Times


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