• Sun, Oct 13 at 12:30 pm

    HE WHO GETS SLAPPED with live score by The Alloy Orchestra

    Dir. Victor Sjöström, USA, 1924, 80 min., NR, Digital, with live score from The Alloy Orchestra
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    Directed by Victor Sjöström (Seastrom), starring Lon Chaney, and featuring Norma Shearer and John Gilbert, “Slapped” is a true treat for cinephiles and a perfect fit for Alloy’s unique instrumentation and keen eye.

    Based on a play by Russian writer Leonid Andreyev, HE WHO GETS SLAPPED is the story of a scientist whose happiness is destroyed by a friend who steals both his wife and his life’s research. Left bitter and desperate, the scientist joins a circus as a clown whose popular act is based on being repeatedly slapped. The clown, known only as “He,” is slapped whenever he attempts to speak, reliving personal and professional humiliation with each blow. Eventually, the clown finds redemption when he falls in love with another circus performer, a pretty young bareback rider named Consuelo.

    HE WHO GETS SLAPPED stands as a singular work and one of the best films of the silent era. Experience it for the first time or rediscover a gem, newly paired with one of Alloy’s pitch-perfect original scores.