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Assistive Listening T Hearing Loop

Part of 2018 In Memoriam and Midnight Movies.

In Memoriam: Burt Reynolds (1936-2018), William Goldman (1931-2018): A specialist in edged weapons, Nick Escalante (Burt Reynolds) is a dangerous man with dangerous enemies. Working as a Las Vegas bodyguard to support his gambling habits, he hopes for a jackpot that will take him all the way to Italy and a relaxing gondola in Venice. With friends counting on him and a mobster counting him out, Nick puts his life on the line as he tries to beat the odds in the biggest gamble of his life. Scripted by novelist/screenwriter William Goldman (see also, BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID, playing Jan 26-27), who passed away this past November. 35mm print courtesy of American Genre Film Archive

“If they were still making Westerns, the plot of HEAT would feel right at home. It's a movie about a dude from the East who gets tired of being pushed around and travels out West to take lessons in self-protection from a famous gunslinger…. HEAT is an updated version of that reliable old plot, with a few new twists.” —Roger Ebert (1987)

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