• Sat-Mon, June 1-3


    Dir. Michael Cimino, USA, 1980/2012, 216 min., R, DCP, Restored Director's Cut
    On Monday, June 3rd, prior to the 7:00pm screening, there will be an introduction from writer and musician William Tyler.

    Sheriff James Averill (Kris Kristofferson) and his crew of hired guns (among them the brilliant Christopher Walken as Nathan D. Champion) attempt to defend a community of immigrant squatters against the vicious land hungry Wyoming Cattleman’s Association. The resulting film is a breathtakingly photographed epic with a cast of thousands and phenomenal performances throughout. The story of HEAVEN’S GATE’s long and expensive production has its own chapter in Hollywood studio history, but the film remains one of the art form's most ambitious and startlingly cinematic experiences. Presented here in its 216-minute director's cut and beautifully restored under the direct supervision of Cimino himself.

    "Finally, the winds of change have begun to blow favorably upon HEAVEN’S GATE. Not only one of the most visually ravishing films ever made but also one in which the beauty of the images is matched by the meaning they carry." —Scott Foundas, The Village Voice