• Sat-Sun, May 18-19


    Dir. Steven Spielberg, USA, 1975, 124 min., PG, 35mm
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    Part of Weekend Classics: Universal 100th Anniversary

    Considering last May’s dual revivals of JURASSIC PARK and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, it’s hard to resist the opportunity to ease into yet another Nashville summer without the aid of some Spielberg. In fact, the summer blockbuster itself was initially defined by JAWS, the director’s adaptation of a novel about an insatiable great white shark that terrorizes the townspeople of fictional Amity Island. John Williams's legendary score punctuates the tension as the police chief (Roy Scheider), an oceanographer (Richard Dreyfuss), and a grizzled shark hunter (Robert Shaw) seek to destroy the bloodthirsty beast.

    On Sunday, May 19th, before the 7:00 pm screening, there will be a brief introduction from Chris Nold, Vanderbilt film studies graduate and FLICX coordinator.