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Part of Weekend Classics: Robert Mitchum 100 Years.

Jane Russell and Robert Mitchum star as a nightclub singer and the man drawn to her—and into a film noir web of crime in a place where everyone has something to hide: Macao. Nick Cochran (Mitchum) rescues Julie Benson (Russell) from the unwanted advances of another passenger during the 45-mile voyage from Hong Kong to Macao, a Portuguese enclave beyond the reach of both Chinese and British law that has served as a home for gamblers, smugglers and crime lords for centuries. In Macao, gangster Vincent Halloran (Brad Dexter) hires Benson to sing in his club. Halloran knows the Hong Kong police have sent someone to apprehend him—and he believes Cochran to be the man. But in this city where no one is who he seems, there is always another secret within the walls of Macao. Directed by Josef von Sternberg and Nicholas Ray.


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