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We’ve worked with the distributor GKIDS to present MARONA'S FANTASTIC TALE, making it possible for you to see the film — and your ticket helps support the Belcourt.
For $10.00, you can purchase a ticket for MARONA'S FANTASTIC TALE — and you’ll have a 3-day / 72-hour window to watch it. (*Note: GKIDS films are supported by Vimeo. You’ll need to create a Vimeo account to pay for your ticket, but no monthly or annual subscription is needed. Your account will also ensure that you’re able to pause and revisit the film within your rental period.)
GKIDS will share a portion of your ticket payment with the Belcourt. Please note that this arrangement, in these unprecedented times, means we’re unable to offer member pricing. Thanks for your understanding and support. And if you’d like to consider an additional donation to the Belcourt, we’d be most grateful. You can do so here.
Note: After you have created a Vimeo account and entered your payment information, your rental period will start immediately and last for 3 days / 72 hours. You can view MARONA'S FANTASTIC TALE via the link in the receipt that will be sent to your email, or simply click “Watch Film” when the confirmation page appears directly after purchase.
You’ll be able to easily watch the MARONA'S FANTASTIC TALE at any time within this period on any of the following platforms: (1) Smart TV, (using the browser on your Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku or Chromecast); (2) mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android); and (3) computer (by clicking on the link in your email receipt). For further details, see Vimeo’s FAQs here. For general information about watching on a bigger screen, see our FAQs here.

Your virtual ticket also includes access to an interview with director Anca Damian.

The poetic and touching film from director Anca Damian follows an optimistic stray dog as she looks back on the human companions she has loved throughout her life. Delivered alongside dazzlingly colorful, sweeping designs produced in part by acclaimed artist Brecht Evens, MARONA’S FANTASTIC TALE is a life-affirming tale told with the patient, boundless love of a dog, and reminds us that happiness is a small thing.

“The film stays buoyant through its unique and lively animation… Director Anca Damian has a playful drawing style, and her kinetic frames are always creating something new for the audience to enjoy.” —Teo Bugbee, Critic’s Pick, New York Times

“This movie appreciates the difficulties animals must have navigating a world dominated by humans. It asks viewers to appreciate what's important to a dog, and how mammals with short life spans might perceive time, relationships, and memory.” —Matt Zoller Seitz,

“Gently and poetically deals with heavy themes like mortality, solitude, and loss, but manages to be suitable viewing for the entire family… It reiterates that the love our dogs have for us is unconditional and that we shouldn't regard them as accessories or temporary means of respite.” —Alex Saveliev, FilmThreat

The Belcourt Theatre does not provide advisories about subject matter or potential triggering content, as sensitivities vary from person to person.

Beyond the synopses, trailers and review links on our website, other sources of information about content and age-appropriateness for specific films can be found on Common Sense MediaIMDb and as well as through general internet searches.

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