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    Dir. Ava DuVernay, USA, 2012, 99 min., R, HD
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    On Friday, November 16th, following the 7:30pm screening of MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, director Ava DuVernay will join us for a post-film Q&A via Skype.

    Writer-director Ava DuVernay received the Best Director prize at Sundance this year for her elegant and emotionally complex second feature, which revolves around a pressing and troubling question: How does a woman not lose herself when everything around her is falling away?

    Ruby is a bright medical student who sets aside her dreams and suspends her career when her husband is incarcerated. As the committed couple stares into the hollow end of an eight-year prison sentence, Ruby must learn to live another life, one marked by shame and separation. But through a chance encounter and a stunning betrayal that shakes her to the core, this steadfast wife is soon propelled in new and often shocking directions of self-discovery—caught between two worlds and two men in the search for herself.

    “This is an elegant, powerfully emotional and courageous film, worth seeing entirely on its own artistic terms” – Andrew O’Hehir, Salon.com
    Feature: ‘She’s a Graduate of an Unusual Film School’, Carrie Rickey, NY Times
    Listen: ‘Ava DuVernay: A New Director, After Changing Course’, NPR/Fresh Air with Terry Gross