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    Dir. Rama Burshtein, Israel, 2012, 90 min., In Hebrew with subtitles
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    Shira is the daughter of a Hassidic family in Tel Aviv, about to be engaged to a young man from a similar background when her older sister Esther dies giving birth. Esther’s devastated husband is pressed to remarry and receives an offer that would take him and the new baby to Belgium. The grandparents suggest that he marry Shira instead. Torn between her heart’s desire and religious and family obligation, Shira must decide her future.  Born into a Hassidic family herself, writer-director Rama Burshtein, investigates the complexities of haredi life.

    Winner of Israeli Academy Awards for Best Film and Best Actress  
    Special Guest: Rebbetzin Esther Tiechtel, Educator, Chabad of Nashville