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    Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn, France/Thailand, 2013, 90 min., R, DCP
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    Fresh from drawing deeply divided reactions at the Cannes Film Festival (are there any other kind?), Ryan Gosling and the director of DRIVE, Nicolas Winding Refn, are back with this eerily visionary and ultra-violent Bangkok-set thriller. Julian’s (Gosling) Muy Thai boxing club is only a front for his drug operation, both of which he runs with his brother Billy (Tom Burke) who, in a fit of misogynist rage, is murdered by his victim’s father. Julian must vie between the gangster code of honor, the expectations of his mother (Kristin Scott Thomas), and his own conscience, while a mysterious unhinged policeman is following his every move.

    "Winding Refn's bizarre infernal creation, an entire created world of fear, really is gripping. Every scene, every frame, is executed with pure formal brilliance. I'm afraid it's going to be even nastier the next time I watch it." —Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian