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OUR TIME (Nuestro tiempo)

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OUR TIME (Nuestro tiempo)

The natural world looms large in the films of Carlos Reygadas. A maverick who knows how to overwhelm the senses, Reygadas filmed his latest on his own ranch, where bulls roam the landscapes, threatening to charge the camera at any given moment, and the sky is so vivid that, when met with clouds, you feel as if rain could start pouring into the theater.

After ambling around the stunning landscapes, OUR TIME ultimately settles on an engrossing narrative, as it thrusts us into an almost unbearably intimate love story. Poet-rancher Juan (played by Reygadas) and ranch manager Esther (his real-life partner/artistic collaborator Natalia López) are experimenting with an open marriage. When an oddly charismatic, buffoonishly American cowboy Phil (comedian Phil Burger) visits their idyll, chaos ensues as all parties struggle mightily to communicate. (Adapted from Chris Boeckmann’s True/False synopsis)  

“What emerges from this cinematic experiment in auto-fiction is a soul-searching work of scorching honesty that functions both as an anatomy of love and marriage, and as an evisceration of masculinity.” —Giovanni Marchini Camia, BFI

“One of the most exciting Mexican directors working today… Clearly fascinated with illicit desires and an ever-expansive look at contemporary Mexico…his projects are brazenly sexual in content and visually daring in form.” —Manuel Betancourt, Remezcla

“OUR TIME proposes acceptance that our most intimate problems, our everyday conflicts, even the existential, pale when they are put in perspective against the immensity of what we cannot manipulate, which is beyond nature and time.” —Alfonso Flores-Durón y Martínez, En Filme

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