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Peripheral Visions: HAGAZUSSA

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Peripheral Visions: HAGAZUSSA

In a remote Alpine village in the 15th century, the orphan Albrun grows up to become a marked woman. The scapegoat of ancient superstitions and monstrous misogyny, this self-styled witch begins to assert her otherworldly birthright. The plague she conjures makes human cruelty look pathetic and small by comparison. This atmospheric debut feature from Lukas Feigelfeld is a haunting pagan death trip and a startling vision of psychedelic horror.

"A spellbinding audiovisual symphony." —Stephen Dalton, Hollywood Reporter

"Visceral and unforgiving." —Michele "Izzy" Galgana, ScreenAnarchy

"When the credits rolled...I was reasonably sure of two things: I never want to watch HAGAZUSSA again; and I can't wait to see what Lukas Feigelfeld does next." —Phil Nobile Jr., Birth.Movies.Death.

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