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See Also: Bill Gunn's GANJA & HESS.

Bill Gunn, actor, screenwriter, novelist, and the director of art-horror classic GANJA & HESS (1973), teamed with writer Ishmael Reed and producer Steve Cannon to produce what Reed has called a “meta-soap opera,” an exceptional, rough-edged ensemble piece exploring black working class lives in New York City with candor and emotional intensity, featuring a who’s who of major artists including Walter Cotton, Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor, Jim Wright, and Sam Waymon, with music by Carman Moore, and cinematography by Robert Polidori. Rarely shown and, when screened, seen in a mutilated cut hampered by the poor quality of available materials, it appears for the first time in a full-length version which, as restored by Kino Lorber from the original camera tapes, is nothing short of a revelation.

"Embodies the spirit of independent film. Bill Gunn is one of the most under-appreciated filmmakers of his time." —Spike Lee

“Bill Gunn’s long-lost, wondrous opus PERSONAL PROBLEMS feels it’s own organic way into the unsung lives of it’s African-American characters.” —Howard Hampton, Film Comment

“PERSONAL PROBLEMS contains not a single shot that can be called beautiful, but there’s also not a genuinely wrong-footed view in the whole work. It’s as if the camera is negotiating with reality, trying to find a place at the characters’ tables.” —Glenn Kenny, New York Times

“Billed as a ‘meta-soap opera,’ PERSONAL PROBLEMS is nothing less than an explosion of the television form.” —Chuck Bowen, Slant Magazine

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