• Sat, June 1 at 10:00 am


    Dir. Don Chaffey, USA, 1977, 128 min., G, 35mm

    After seeking refuge in a small fishing town, a young orphan must elude his abusive adoptive parents with the aid of his magical dragon Elliot. Don Bluth served as animation director on this classic musical mash up of live action and animation, his final project for Disney.

    FIVE CLASSICS FROM DON BLUTH: This month, the Belcourt presents five of director Don Bluth’s most adored children’s films from the 80s and 90s—a collection that will be sweet nostalgia for some, and delightful discoveries for a new generation. Bluth’s hand-drawn 2D animation is among the most timeless and impressive to ever hit the big screen. After working for many years as an animator at Walt Disney Studios, Bluth set out to establish his own studio. Aiming to preserve the animation style of Disney's heyday while telling rich, compassionate stories, Bluth's films are overflowing with humanism and a truly unique worldview.