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PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK: Introduction from Sarah Crotzer, Volunteer State Community College (12:00pm)

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PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK: Introduction from Sarah Crotzer, Volunteer State Community College (12:00pm)

Part of Weekend Classics.

Sat, Feb 15, 12:00pm: Introduction from Sarah Crotzer, English instructor, Volunteer State Community College. BUY TICKETS

Based on the acclaimed 1967 novel by Joan Lindsay, PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK is a stirring chronicle of the disappearance of an intimate group of women from an all-female college during a St. Valentine’s Day outing and the event’s lingering aftermath. Unfolding in the Colony of Victoria on the cusp of the dawning Commonwealth, the natural landscape seems to sensually envelop the carefree young women before yielding to the greater supernatural powers of Hanging Rock and the ghosts of its Aboriginal past.

“One of the most celebrated films in Australian cinema, a subtle and indelible mystery that has unsettled audiences since its foreign debut in 1975.” —Monica Castillo, New York Times

“A film of haunting mystery and buried sexual hysteria…employs two of the hallmarks of modern Australian films: beautiful cinematography and stories about the chasm between settlers from Europe and the mysteries of their ancient new home.” —Roger Ebert,

“Of the many challenges Peter Weir faced…perhaps the greatest was making a dramatically satisfying film about an unresolved mystery…Infused with a dark and recondite beauty, his superb 1975 adaptation has played a huge role in sustaining the legend.” —Luke Buckmaster, Guardian

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