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Popcorn Classics

We’re sending off the summer in grand style. This radical rewind-inspired series will have you reminiscing about a bygone era of mom ‘n’ pop video stores, free Movie Channel weekends, and those jaw-droppingly magical moments that made a generation fall in love with movies for the first time.

These fantastically fun popcorn flicks carved themselves deeply into the American psyche, from the kindertrauma of understanding the futility of struggling against The Nothing, to the disturbingly paradoxical moment when you realize Marty McFly’s mom is trying to hit that. From the rip-roaring pulp adventures that made 10-year-olds everywhere want to carry around a whip (and eventually wear an ill-advised fedora in their mid-twenties), to carnival machines that turn teenage boys into Tom Hanks, this series has it all. Muppets! Ziggy Stardusts! Greasers!! And even a Penny Marshall tribute! It’s truly inconceivable. 

Join us as we take a trip back in time, but don’t worry about adjusting your tracking because a good portion of the films featured here are fully restored in 4K and look significantly better than that recorded-off-TV (with commercials) tape gathering dust in your parents’ basement.

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