• Mon, Mar 24 at 7:00 pm


    Dir. Shane Carruth, USA, 2004, 77 min., PG-13, 35mm,
    preceded by LA JET√ČE: Dir. Chris Marker, France, 1962, 28min, NR, HD
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    Part of Science on Screen: Connecting Cinematic Art with Hard Science.

    Four young entrepreneurial engineers working out of a garage seek to create the next big electronics product. When two of the men accidentally stumble upon a means of time travel, the scientific impact of their discovery takes a backseat to a lust for monetary gain as they attempt to navigate the world of double selves and paradoxes inherent with the device in order to make it big on the stock market. This mind-bending masterpiece of low budget science fiction from actor-writer-director-jack-of-all-trades Shane Carruth (last year’s UPSTREAM COLOR) illuminates the fundamental theoretical and ethical issues resulting from the creation of such a machine.

    PRIMER’s screening is preceded by Chris Marker’s stark science-fiction featurette LA JETÉE. The inspiration for Terry Gilliam’s TWELVE MONKEYS, LA JETÉE is about a time-traveller, obsessed with a traumatic childhood memory. He’s sent from the future to retrieve relief for the survivors of World War III, and in doing so, rewrite the dire fate of mankind.

    Topic and Speaker:
    Robert Scherrer, professor and chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University, will discuss the quantum mechanics that drive the theoretical precedent for time-travel. His research area is cosmology, encompassing work on dark energy, dark matter, big bang nucleosynthesis, and the large-scale structure of the universe. He has authored a quantum mechanics textbook and has published several popular science articles and science fiction short stories.

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