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Making it in Kingston is hard, and nobody knows it better than drummer Horsemouth (Leroy Wallace). Hustling 45s to roadside record purveyors on top of the usual gigs, he eeks by amiably—that is, until the local mafia steals his motorbike. At that point, ROCKERS becomes a pulsating Rastafarian twist on de Sica's BICYCLE THIEVES. Hypnotic fly-on-the-wall camerawork collides with of-the-era, to-the-hilt fashion, legendary musical sequences (Burning Spear, for example), and an unrelenting soundtrack. To put it in cultural terms, ROCKERS smokes.

"Spins realist connections from de Sica to SHAFT that use a simple story—a hustler, drummer-turned-amateur record distributor (Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, essentially playing himself) tries to get his stolen motorbike back from mob thugs in order to proffer some truth."  —Wesley Morris, SF Gate

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