• Sat, October 27 at 6:50 pm


    Dir. Brian Yuzna, USA, 1989, 99 min., Unrated, 35mm, Part of 12 Hours Of Terror

    Quite possibly the discovery of the fest — and in the infamous unrated cut that preserves some of the most disgusting makeup effects ever committed to film! Good guy Billy Warlock cannot wait for the graduation party that will induct him into the snooty ranks of his suburb’s wealthy elite — until he learns membership has privileges that come with a price. We could describe what you’re going to see, thanks to horrifying effects work by the aptly named Screaming Mad George — but you’d never believe us. They can’t do that in movies! From the indecent mind of Re-Animator author Brian Yuzna comes the sick, sick social satire that tells the world: “We ate the 99 percent!”