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Part of Doctober.

Italian visual artist Yuri Ancarani’s exquisitely shot, yet utterly bonkers documentary enters the surreal world of wealthy Qatari sheikhs with a passion for amateur falconry. The opulence of this Middle Eastern gas state is on full display as the men race SUVs up and down sand dunes, fly their prized falcons around on private jets, and take their pet cheetahs out for desert spins in their souped-up Ferraris. The result is a film jaw-dropping not only for its displays of wealth, but for pure cinematic beauty.

“Stylistically brilliant. [A] fascinating insight into the high-class, blinged-out culture of Arabian falconers.” —Clare Roth, Vox

"Ravishing. Despite all the feathery swooping and gunning motors, the flashing gold and pounding sun, these immaculately framed, balanced and photographed images have a tableau-like quality, characterized by a stillness (perhaps cultural or situational) that suggests a memento mori." —Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

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