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Part of Essential Westerns.

Sat, Sep 29 at 1:45pm: Introduction from Elyce Helford, professor of English at Middle Tennessee State University. BUY TICKETS

Cattle baron T.C. Jeffords (Walter Huston in his final performance) rules his ranch, The Furies, with an iron fist and is so self-possessed that he goes around town spending “T.C.” notes instead of actual money. His daughter, the similarly headstrong Vance (Barbara Stanwyck), believes The Furies to be her birthright. However, when her controlling father bribes her lover to leave, brings home a new lover of his own, and begins to go to war with a Mexican family of squatters he believes to be infringing on his land, she must choose a side.

A darkly twisted family drama, this Freudian one-daughter riff on King Lear from master filmmaker Anthony Mann pits T.C. against his wily, savage offspring in a sadistic match of wits and brutality—proving that Hell really hath no fury like a woman scorned.

“ a font of entertaining bombast. But in the end, inevitably, the film belongs to the inimitable Stanwyck.” —Dennis Lim, Los Angeles Times (Jun 22, 2008)

“Barbara Stanwyck, one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, became greater as she got older, as can be seen in Anthony Mann’s Western THE FURIES… There’s something special about Stanwyck’s artistic development. She never had an age of innocence; from her earliest onscreen youth, she knew the score. That’s why it came as a relief when she could stop playing the ingénue…” —Richard Brody, New Yorker

“1950 was a good year for the great director Anthony Mann… You can’t consider you’ve seen the best of Westerns without Mann’s work from this period.” —Nicholas Chennault,

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