• December 2-13

    The Other Sergio: Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Corbucci

    December 2-13

    Every good cinephile knows the films of Italy's most famous spaghetti western producing Sergio, Mr. Sergio Leone, but there is another Sergio whose brand of extreme cynicism and over-the-top violence forever reshaped the genre. Opting for brutality and economy over Leone's tension and humanity, Sergio Corbucci redefined what a western could be, and with his dark, morally ambiguous characters, he ushered in a new breed of action hero. In anticipation of the most recent send-up to "the other Sergio," Quentin Tarantino's DJANGO UNCHAINED, we present four of the director's best-known and most influential films.

    "Any of the Western directors who had something to say created their own version of the West: Anthony Mann created a West that had room for the characters played by Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper; Sam Peckinpah had his own West; so did Sergio Leone. Sergio Corbucci did, too — but his West was the most violent, surreal and pitiless landscape of any director in the history of the genre. His characters roam a brutal, sadistic West." - Quentin Tarantino [New York Times article]
    • Sunday, December 2 only


      Sunday, December 2 only
      A mute gunfighter (Jean-Louis Trintignant) is hired to kill an evil bounty hunter (Klaus Kinski) during the Great Blizzard of 1899. Widely considered one of the greatest spaghetti westerns and hailed
    • Wed-Thu, December 5-6


      Wed-Thu, December 5-6
      After massacring a village of Indians, outlaw Mervy "Vee" Duncan (Aldo Sambrell) and his band of henchmen are besieged by a lone vigilante, the only survivor of the massacre. Referred to as
    • Sat-Sun, December 8-9


      Sat-Sun, December 8-9
      Amid the tumult of the Mexican Revolution, a Polish mercenary (Franco Nero) and a Mexican guerilla (Tony Musante) join forces against a rich colonel (Eduardo Fajardo) and a sadistic American out for
    • Fri - Sat, Feb 1-2


      Fri - Sat, Feb 1-2
      Django (Franco Nero), dragging a coffin behind him through the mud, arrives in a border town where he has to negotiate a bitter feud between ex-Confederates and former Mexican revolutionaries by kill