• December 2-13

    The Other Sergio: Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Corbucci

    Every good cinephile knows the films of Italy's most famous spaghetti western producing Sergio, Mr. Sergio Leone, but there is another Sergio whose brand of extreme cynicism and over-the-top violence forever reshaped the genre. Opting for brutality and economy over Leone's tension and humanity, Sergio Corbucci redefined what a western could be, and with his dark, morally ambiguous characters, he ushered in a new breed of action hero. In anticipation of the most recent send-up to "the other Sergio," Quentin Tarantino's DJANGO UNCHAINED, we present four of the director's best-known and most influential films.

    "Any of the Western directors who had something to say created their own version of the West: Anthony Mann created a West that had room for the characters played by Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper; Sam Peckinpah had his own West; so did Sergio Leone. Sergio Corbucci did, too — but his West was the most violent, surreal and pitiless landscape of any director in the history of the genre. His characters roam a brutal, sadistic West." - Quentin Tarantino [New York Times article]
    • Sunday, December 2 only


      A mute gunfighter (Jean-Louis Trintignant) is hired to kill an evil bounty hunter (Klaus Kinski) during the Great Blizzard of 1899. Widely considered one of the greatest spaghetti westerns and hailed
    • Wed-Thu, December 5-6


      After massacring a village of Indians, outlaw Mervy "Vee" Duncan (Aldo Sambrell) and his band of henchmen are besieged by a lone vigilante, the only survivor of the massacre. Referred to as
    • Sat-Sun, December 8-9


      Amid the tumult of the Mexican Revolution, a Polish mercenary (Franco Nero) and a Mexican guerilla (Tony Musante) join forces against a rich colonel (Eduardo Fajardo) and a sadistic American out for
    • Fri - Sat, Feb 1-2


      Django (Franco Nero), dragging a coffin behind him through the mud, arrives in a border town where he has to negotiate a bitter feud between ex-Confederates and former Mexican revolutionaries by kill