• Encore Screening (5/2 at 9:40 pm)


    Dir. Stanley Kubrick, USA/UK, 1980, 146 min., R, 35mm

    ROOM 237 is Now Playing!

    Encore Screening of THE SHINING (35mm) this Thursday, May 2nd at 9:40 pm.

    For the Torrance family, the winter caretaker job at the old Overlook Hotel is a chance to get themselves back on track and work through past issues and traumas. But they'll encounter so much more in its ancient twisting halls. Welcome, then, to the Overlook Hotel—the intersection of the minds of Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King. A space where nothing and no one can be completely trusted. A space where you retrace your steps back where you came from, only to find yourself deeper in the grasp of unspeakable horror.