• Thu, Mar 21 at 7:00 pm at Third Man Records

    The Light And Sound Machine: THE UNSPEAKABLE ACT

    Dir. Dan Sallitt, USA, 2012, 77 min., NR, h.264

    The Light And Sound Machine
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    Directed by former Los Angeles Reader film critic Dan Sallitt, The Unspeakable Act (2012) takes one of the few remaining social taboos in the western world and presents it in an earnest and incredibly charming way. Dealing with the controversial theme of incest within a close knit, yet strangely detached family dynamic, Sallitt's film relies far more on the strength of its character development than it does on gaudy sensationalism to push home his message.

    Intelligent 17-year-old New Yorker Jackie (Tallie Medel) has long held a fondness for her brother Matthew, believing that they have an unspoken agreement that they belong to one another. However, when he brings home a girlfriend, Jackie struggles to deal with her deep rooted heartbreak, leading her to examine just why she’s so besotted with and emotionally dependent on her brother, asking herself what, if anything is actually wrong with this contentious attraction. (Source)

    It is the third film in a series of five interconnected shorts, all directed by Gary  Mairs and starring Amy Seimetz or David Nordstrom and written by different  screenwriters. Each film is stylistically unique and when screened together, they form a feature length narrative. The first is Say It (2008), written by Theron  Patterson (Dark Cloud, 2010 Toronto International Film Festival) and the second is  The Hemingway Night (2009), written by Tom Block. Production begins on the  fourth film in June 2012. The Hemingway Night premiered at the 2009 Palm  Springs International Shortsfest. All That She Surveys premiered at the 2012  International Film Festival Rotterdam. ALL THAT SHE SURVEYS trailer