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In Christian Petzold’s brilliant and haunting modern-day adaptation of Anna Seghers’s 1942 novel, Transit Visa, Georg, a German refugee (Franz Rogowski, HAPPY END), flees to Marseille assuming the identity of a recently deceased writer whose papers he is carrying. There he delves into the delicate and complex culture of the refugee community, becoming enmeshed in the lives of a young mother and son and falling for a mysterious woman named Marie (Paula Beer, FRANTZ).

“Anyone who appreciates cinema's underrated capacity to confound, to really sabotage our understanding of what's transpiring will get a rush from the way [director Christian] Petzold constantly shifts the ground underneath our feet… TRANSIT becomes a film about the maddening uncertainty and loneliness of the refugee experience.” —A.A. Dowd, A.V. Club

“Offering a unique perspective on the refugee experience, Petzold effectively puts us in the shoes of individuals who are often invisible in plain sight to most of society.” —Courtney Small, Cinema Axis

“TRANSIT exists in a liminal temporal space designed to bridge the past and present… It’s a stunning work whose surprises work right to the closing credits song.” —Vikram Murthi,

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