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Weekend Classics: Ida Lupino at 100

Weekend Classics: Ida Lupino at 100

Born into a famous British theatrical family and living in Hollywood by 23, Ida Lupino struck a keen balance between her acting ambitions—working with the likes of Raoul Walsh and Humphrey Bogart, among others—and her desire to get behind the camera. Suspended from an acting contract with Warner Bros, Lupino created The Filmakers (sic), an independent production company formed with writer-producer-husband Collier Young that allowed her to tackle serious and taboo themes, or - as described by frequent associate/writer Malvin Wald - “pictures of a sociological nature to appeal to older people who usually stay away from theaters.” While Lupino would work the rest of her life, and primarily in television, the films she made in the 40s and 50s—both in front of and behind the cameras—cemented her reputation as a true maverick.

“I see myself, in the years ahead, directing or producing or both. I see myself developing new talent, which would be furiously interesting for me. For I love talent. Love to watch it. Love to help it. Am more genuinely interested in the talent of others than I am in my own.” —Ida Lupino (1945)

"A woman of extraordinary talents, and one of those talents was directing. Her considerable accomplishments as a filmmaker...represent a singular achievement in American cinema." —Martin Scorsese (1995)

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