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Weekend Classics: Weekends with Pedro

Weekend Classics: Weekends with Pedro

Perhaps as much an evocative adjective as he is a celebrated, award-winning director, Pedro Almodóvar continues to craft films that are unmistakably “Almodóvarian.”

Following the 1975 death of Spain’s right-wing military dictator Francisco Franco, Pedro Almodóvar rose to prominence with wildly subversive narratives and compellingly transgressive characters—firmly establishing himself as the face of Madrid’s flourishing alternative cultural scene, La Movida.

His signature, richly textured melodramas affirm his reverence for Old Hollywood screwball comedies, Spanish language telenovelas, Douglas Sirk, and the cult of Technicolor femininity— yet his films are uniquely Pedro in their conspicuous embrace of Spain’s marginalized voices.

In anticipation of Pedro Almodóvar’s 21st feature film—PAIN AND GLORY (Dolor y gloria)—we present four of his most appreciated films.

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