• Fri-Sat, August 17-18 at Midnight


    Dir. Robert Greenwald, USA, 1980, 93 min., PG, 35mm, Part of GENE KELLY: 100th Birthday Celebration Series

    Gene Kelly's final feature film appearance is in this phantasmagoric '80s musical that blends rollerdisco, big band dance numbers, Greek mythology, street art, and the transformative power of dance. As impresario Danny McGuire, Kelly becomes involved in a plan to reawaken an old dance hall with the new sound and swing of rollerdisco. With the help of actual Muse Olivia Newton-John and The Warriors' Michael Beck, the decades will mesh, and the Pleasuredome of old shall live again. With songs by ELO and The Tubes, animation by Don Bluth, and a glorious, classic Hollywood heart. Come, then, to a place where nobody dared to go...

    Part of GENE KELLY: 100th Birthday Celebration Series

    This series would not be possible without the generous support of Nina and H.G. Webb.