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Temporarily closed. Reopening Jan 29 with Sundance Film Festival 2021 selections at our Belcourt Drive-In.


These procedures and policies are to help ensure the best Belcourt Drive-In experience possible for all attendees — and one that’s both safe and fun. Please read them thoroughly.  

Any attendee’s refusal to comply with these procedures and policies will result in a denial of entry and/or a request to leave.


Belcourt Members: $35/vehicle | Non-members: $40/vehicle

All tickets must be purchased in advance on the Belcourt’s website. There will be no on-site box office.

You must have either a printed or mobile ticket when you come to the drive-in.

Tickets are per vehicle, not per person. The number of people in your vehicle cannot exceed the number of seatbelts.

No refunds or exchanges. If you can’t use your drive-in ticket, we recommend that you give it to a friend to use.

If inclement weather conditions require the cancellation of a drive-in screening, your ticket will be refunded. Because we are a Sundance Satellite partner, we’re unable to add screenings beyond the Festival’s schedule parameters. You’ll hear from us via email and/or text if weather conditions require cancellation (given safety parameters around our drive-in set-up, conditions may include wind or lightning, as well as heavy rain, snow or sleet). 


Approach Belcourt Avenue from 24th Avenue (the street by Dragon Park).

The parking lot will open one hour before the screening’s start time. You will not be able to enter the lot before the designated time. 

Belcourt staff will direct all parking. Each screening’s parking layout is unique — to ensure sight lines as we accommodate varied vehicle types.

When you purchase your drive-in ticket, you’ll be asked to indicate your vehicle type — (1) sedan or coupe; (2) hatchback, station wagon or crossover; (3) minivan, SUV or truck. 

Based on the type of vehicle you have, you’ll be asked to arrive at the Belcourt during a particular time frame within the one-hour window. Time frame information will be emailed to you after you’ve purchased a ticket. This staggered arrival schedule helps ensure a more efficient parking process. 

Depending on your vehicle type, you may be asked to wait briefly in a separate queue in front of the Belcourt’s building.

You will be directed to a specific spot by the Belcourt’s parking lot staff — determined by vehicle type to ensure that all attendees have sight lines to watch the film.

Once parked, you cannot change spots or drive away until instructed to do so by the Belcourt staff. NOTE: In case of an emergency that requires you to leave, please notify a staff member and we will guide you out of the lot.

(Extended or XL-size SUVs and vans are not permitted, due to turning radius issues in the lot (i.e. Toyota Highlander XLE, Chevrolet Suburban/Yukon XL) — likewise, vehicles with attached trailers or RVs are not permitted. Motorcycles, bicycles and walk-ins are not permitted for safety and distancing reasons.)


For safety reasons, no cars will be admitted after the parking lot is closed. Lot opening and closing times will be included in your ticket confirmation.

Once parked, you must stay in your vehicle at all times — unless visiting concessions or the restroom, in which case masks must be worn and social distancing rules apply. Sitting outside in the lot itself, or on your vehicle’s roof/hood is not permitted.

To give everyone the best viewing experience, please keep your headlights and running lights off once the film starts. (Each vehicle make/model has different options for turning off headlights/running lights when parked with a radio on — we recommend you familiarize yourself in advance with what works for your particular vehicle.) 

If there’s inclement weather during the movie, please shelter in your vehicle. Vehicles will not be allowed to exit the lot until it is safe to do so, and only under the direction of Belcourt staff.


All films are broadcast and can be heard in your car using your FM radio. 

If your car is not equipped with a radio, we recommend bringing one. You cannot tune into the signal with a smartphone. You’ll receive the FM station frequency prior to your screening and will be reminded of it when you arrive at the drive-in. 

If you’re unable to get your radio to work, we’ll have a few (well-sanitized) backups. 


Restrooms are located inside the theatre.

Restroom capacity has been limited (3 stalls in the women’s room; 1 stall/2 urinals in the men’s room).

Both restrooms have soap dispensers, touchless faucets, and paper towels — and both also have hand sanitizers for use.

Restrooms are regularly cleaned and sanitized by staff.


Concessions are located inside the Belcourt and plexiglass dividers have been installed at concessions to separate patrons and staff.

Concessions will be sold only via credit/debit cards — no cash is accepted.

Concessions offerings are limited to minimize the need for staff’s handling of food and drinks.

No alcohol will be available for sale.

Popcorn and drink refills are suspended. For now, Belcourt refillable cups are not allowed.

The concessions area is cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals.

All concession items must be consumed only when you’re in your vehicle.

For everyone’s safety, there will be no trash bins available. Please take all your trash with you when you leave the parking lot. 

We also encourage you to purchase takeout meals from Hillsboro Village restaurants to enjoy while watching the movie.