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Belcourt FAQs

How do I buy a ticket?
To purchase a ticket, go to the film’s page and scroll down to SHOWTIMES. Click on the actual showtime (i.e. 7:00pm) you’d like to attend. Next, select the quantity and type of tickets you’d like and add them to your cart. (If you’re a member, you’ll need to log in before adding tickets to your cart.)

Why do I have to create an account?
Your Belcourt account provides a secure transaction process for ticket and membership purchases. It also gives you access to your orders and tickets, and gives us the ability to reach you in the rare case of scheduling changes or cancellations.

How do I know which hall a movie will be shown in?
To see which hall any particular screening will be playing in, just click on the actual showtime at and the hall will be listed just under the film’s title on its ticketing page. It is also listed on each film ticket. If we happen to make any scheduling changes after you’ve purchased your ticket(s), we’ll let you know.

Will ____ film still be playing next week?
Each Monday, we assess the prior weekend’s film attendance, confirm showtimes, and put tickets on sale for the following Fri-Thu. The film you’re interested in may be extended based on attendance, so you can check back on Monday to see if we’ve added showtimes.

At what age am I eligible for the senior discount?
At the Belcourt, we offer discounted tickets and memberships to those 65+.

The film I want to see says it’s SOLD OUT. Can I still get tickets?
The Belcourt sells the same number of tickets as there are seats available. Once a show is sold out, it really does mean sold out! There is no waiting list as we have a no refunds or exchanges policy.

When films have introductions or post-screening discussions, is there an extra cost — or do I need to arrive early to catch an introduction?
Introductions and discussions are included in the cost of your movie ticket. And there’s no need to arrive early to catch an introduction — introductions happen after the trailers, right before the film starts.

I renewed my membership…where’s my new card?
In an effort to save paper, plastic, postage and cut costs, we now give renewing members the option to reuse your membership card—and you can also add your card to your smartphone’s digital wallet. If you chose to receive a new card and still haven’t, please contact

I’m a member but I’m not seeing member prices. Help?
You must be logged in to your Belcourt membership to access your member benefits. If you are logged in and a current member but you still don’t see the member price, you may have a duplicate account that is not connected to your benefits. Please contact us at to merge your accounts.

How do I add my membership card to my smartphone’s wallet?
Using your smartphone, log in to your Belcourt account.

  • Tap on My Benefits.
  • Select “Add to Apple Wallet” or “Save to phone” (Google Pay).

I made a donation to the Belcourt — does that make me a member?
Actually, there is a difference between a regular donation vs. membership. For the Belcourt, both count as donations but they are separate revenue streams. A membership is an annual gift that also comes with benefits, and benefits increase at different levels of giving. Higher levels of membership are partially tax deductible, whereas a straight donation to the Belcourt is always fully deductible.

If you’d like to become a Belcourt member, we’d love to have you! You can join here:

Do you have a Lost & Found?
We safely and securely keep items found during the current month and one month prior. After two months, unclaimed items will be donated. To inquire about a lost item, contact our box office (615-814-3150 or

Where do I park?
The Belcourt has a small parking lot and parking is free if you’re coming to a Belcourt film or event. Click here for more details:

How do I purchase art from the 2nd floor gallery?
We are proud to partner with Daybreak Arts (formerly “Poverty and the Arts”), a local nonprofit that creates artistic and economic opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity by providing them access to the creative resources needed to achieve personal fulfillment and success. You can purchase art directly through their website.

Can I have a movie poster?
We don’t keep a list or reserve posters for people but once a film’s run is over and the poster is no longer on display, you can ask about it in person at the box office only. If it’s still in the building we’ll let you take it for a small donation (we suggest $5).

How can I advertise on the Belcourt screens?
Due to the volume of content we program in our theatre year-round, and our need to communicate that programming to our audiences, we actually do not reserve any space for outside advertising. We do, however, use our screen space to recognize and thank both individuals and companies who provide significant sponsorship support for the Belcourt’s nonprofit mission. If you are interested in learning more about such sponsorship, please contact Brooke Bernard, development director:

How many trailers do you show before a movie?
The Belcourt aims to keep you informed about upcoming programs and give you a chance to settle without taking too much time, so we add only about 8-12 minutes of trailers before each feature.

Does my baby need a ticket?
For family shows at the Belcourt, children 11 months and younger do not require a ticket but must sit in a grown-up’s lap (carriers and strollers cannot block aisles or seats).