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Temporarily closed. Reopening Jan 29 with Sundance Film Festival 2021 selections at our Belcourt Drive-In.

High School Film Club

The Belcourt Virtual High School Film Club is a great opportunity for students to watch movies and discuss them via Zoom with other film lovers their age. You don’t have to be a seasoned cinephile to participate! We all approach cinema from different places, and all points of view are welcome.

Virtual High School Film Club meets every other Wednesday for a discussion of a streaming repertory film. Information about the coming week’s event is announced via email on the Monday before. A note about film rating and content will be included. Please RSVP to the link in the email to receive a Zoom invitation for Wednesday’s discussion.

Feel free to invite a friend, but please have them fill out our registration form.

Please note: The Belcourt High School Film Club is for students only