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Belcourt Values

Community, Craftsmanship, Courage

Now more than ever, we want to share this statement about the essential values that guide our endeavors and standards — and define the Belcourt’s commitment to our patrons and community.

We are a nonprofit film center offering a unique exhibition experience that sets us apart. We promote education throughout the community. We take pride in the attention we pay to every aspect of the viewing experience. And we choose to make brave choices about the films we screen. We celebrate our staff, our patrons, and our commitment to upholding the values of our community. The Belcourt Theatre welcomes everyone, including people of any race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity or presentation, sexual orientation, ability, religion, and citizen status.


Because we value community, we value people — both our staff and our patrons. Relationships are an essential part of what makes the Belcourt experience unique, and we strive to honor all interactions in our theatre so that they reflect mutual respect and kindness. 

Because we value community, we expect our patrons to act with courtesy, civility and empathy toward each other and toward our staff. And we expect the same from our staff to our patrons.

Because we value community, we prioritize safety and security. Any actions or behaviors that put our community or members of our community at risk will not be tolerated.

We aim to communicate with clarity and consistency to ensure an engaging experience for all.


Because we value craftsmanship, we set high standards for both film exhibition and patron experience at the Belcourt. With staff projection expertise, we ensure that both the imagery and sound of each film we screen is fully tested to reflect industry best practices. We intentionally and attentively work to provide each patron with a comfortable, welcoming experience in our building — and aim to share our passion for the art of film throughout that experience.

Because we value craftsmanship, we are open to constructive feedback. We are committed, however, to maintaining the professional practices that define our film programming, our projection practices, and our stable nonprofit business model — and we will not permit rudeness or bullying of our staff over Belcourt policies, procedures, or film content.


Because we value courage, we make brave, thoughtful choices about the films we exhibit and the educational programming we provide. 

Because we value courage, we address any behaviors and actions that are not in alignment with the Belcourt community’s values — and we do so assertively, consistently and calmly. We encourage our staff members to exercise transparency when reporting such behaviors and actions.  

If you are posing a threat to or compromising our values in any way, and are asked to stop engaging in this behavior, please stop immediately. We reserve the right to ask anyone who threatens these values to leave the premises immediately and to refuse future service to them for an indefinite amount of time.

We also reserve the right to report any violators to the police if needed, where further legal action will be taken.