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The Belcourt reopens Fri, April 23 with these New Releases. Please read our Health and Safety Precautions and FAQs.


The Belcourt is committed to making its programming and activities accessible and welcoming to all. Our staff is always available to answer questions or provide additional information on accessibility.


The Belcourt’s entrance, all screening areas, and all public areas and restrooms are fully accessible. An elevator provides access to the second floor. Wheelchair spots are available in the 1925 Hall, the 1966 Hall, the Manzler/Webb Screening Room, and the Jackson Education and Engagement Space.


The Belcourt’s parking lot, directly adjacent the theatre, includes reserved accessible parking spots.


The Belcourt offers the following equipment to our patrons — available at the box office at no charge. Just ask! (Please keep in mind that closed captioning and descriptive audio are not available on all films.)

For patrons with hearing aids equipped with telecoils, hearing loops are installed in the 1925 and 1966 Halls (first floor), in the Manzler/Webb Screening Room (second floor), and in the Jackson Education and Engagement Space (second floor). Please set your device to Telecoil or “T.”

Assistive listening headphones are available for all films, and amplify audio for patrons who are hard of hearing. Headphones are self-contained and have independent right/left audio control.

When films are equipped with closed captioning, we offer two different closed captioning devices for patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing: (1) small easy-to-read LED screens that fit in a seat’s cup holder; (2) glasses that enable closed captioning projection on lenses. (Please note that not all films are equipped with closed captioning. Films with closed captioning include this icon on our website.)

When films are equipped with audio description, headphones are available for patrons with visual impairment. (Please note that not all films are equipped with descriptive audio. Films with descriptive audio include this icon on our website.)